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Making money with gaming?

Making money with gaming

Belive it or not, its actually possible to be making money with gaming!

Are you into gaming? Would you like to earn some extra cash while doing your favorite activity? Making money with gaming is actually possible. And that without being a public streamer or anything like that.

Of course the extra income does not come for free, you need to actually do some work. But can we call it work when it is something you love to do?

There are some services out there that offer you cash or other rewards that you can choose from as payment. All that just to test new games, participate in online sessions, game surveys and even mobile games and apps!

Member have earlier been invited to test and earn money & rewards with games like Mario Kart, League of Legends and even Call of Duty. How awesome is that!

Of course you need to do your part of the work, or your not getting paid. It is like any other job. The benefits are that you choose your own hours and kan make some extra income in your spare time. Maybe you even get to play games before they get published!

I leave a link to the service I recommend down below. I did some research and it seems to be the most professional one that actually pays. (kind of a big deal of you do work) How cool would it be if you could say you work as a professional game tester!

Even better! you do not need to be from the US.
This system supports 150 +countries!

Making money with gaming