Reading to your child increases their IQ! Amazing

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Amazing! Reading to your child increases their IQ skills

A while a go a came across this article, its relevant for me because I have two kids under the age of 3 (in the time of writing) For me it is very important to give my kids the very best start possible. Im always reading, singing etc for my kids, every day. But this article i read made me aware of a few interesting things.

  1. Did you know that reading to your child actually increases their IQ!?2.
  2. 86-98% of a young child´s vocabulary is learned from their parents!?
  3. Underprivileged children have fallen behind even before preschool!?

Its recommended to;

  1. Sing, read, talk, write and talk to your child every day.
  2. Visit a story time at the local library.
  3. Read at least 15 minutes per day.
  4. Get a free library card.

These tips above can help your child to learn how to read and expand their vocabulary and IQ!

Need more information about this topic? VISIT THIS SITE for more!
Probably the easiest way to learn someone to read!

baby sleep strategies