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Shipping container as a home?

Shipping container as a home

How to convert a shipping container as a home!
YES! it is possible!

Microhomes or micro houses have been seeing a big increase in popularity the past years. Why not build one for yourself by converting a shipping container as a home?!

How much do you need to pay for a used 40ft container? Maybe 3-4000? Maybe some local business is selling them for cheap to clear some space? If you dont want to do the work yourself, there is already some finished homes for sale on eBay. But I guess it would be a fun project to finish by your own.

At least having the skill and know how to convert a shipping container into a home, would be an advantage if something would happen to the world as we now it. It is very popular for preppers / survivalists to make good shelters out of containers etc.

If you are a little handy, I think it could be a very cool project. If not a home, how about a office space for your “work at home business”? A small apartment for guests? A garage? Anything you could imagine really. It dont need to look like a container, but you will get a very sturdy frame to build on.

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