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Struggling To Make An Online Income? Read This Simple Guide!

Online income

My short guide to online income.

Have you tried to make an online income?, or maybe you dont know where to start? I can give you a head start with this short guide. Please remember, I am not native english, so it will not be perfect writing.

To make some online income, you need a website, preferably with WordPress. You can get this for cheap, but I suggest you find a reputable host. There you will get support and a speedy website. WordPress is very easy to learn and work with. So if you do not have any experience with creating websites, dont worry!

PS! loading speed is crucial! I can recommend Hostinger or Bluehost for speedy websites. Time is money! Websites should load within 2 seconds.

Find your own niche! preferably something you are interested in, or know a lot about. This will give you an advantage.

There is thousands of successful people out there who started just where you are now. And there is at least the same amount of people who failed. What is the biggest reason for failure? Not being persistent! You actually need to do some work for it to pay off.

So if you do your work, and dont have any sales within 2-3 months, will you give up? NO! you should continue and be persistent! It will come!

Some things you should learn

1. Niche research – Is it possible to rank a website within the niche?
2. Some basic SEO (not as complicated as you might think)
3. Keyword research – Use Ubersuggest (FREE)

One of the best ways i know to make some extra money online, is promoting other peoples products, and earn a commission. Why?
1. You usually get paid well.
2. The marketing research is already done for you.
3. Recurring commissions are available.
4. You dont need to handle customer support or refunds.
5. No products for you to ship!

For best and fastest results, you should start do to ads with Facebook and Google. But if you have time, just build a website to rank in search engines, and let the organic traffic come. After a while, you will have enough funds to start with ads. This way you can really scale your new business. Be sure to use social media to promote your website and offers! This will generate traffic! Try to find what medias are used the most by your target. Then focus at that platform first.

Where do i find products to sell?

Clickbank! Its still going strong and new products are added. This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing systems, and it is so easy to understand. Pick the products you want to promote, add your link to it and publish content.

If you are totally new to the affiliate marketing world, i can warmly recommend the Clickbank university. You can learn everything you need to start making an income with their system. (read more below)

Top factors to success with online affiliate marketing.

  1. Persistency – Dont give up, it takes time!
  2. Devotion – Again, dont give up
  3. Learn basic SEO
  4. Own your niche, be an expert
  5. Dont give up!
  6. Build a list of email subscribers

Be aware, you will need to do some basic investments to make money online. These investments could be

  1. Webhosting
  2. Courses (f.ex learning SEO etc)
  3. Paid ads

Note that ClickBank is FREE! there is no subscriptions.
Join the ClickBank University 2.0 to start your own journey!

I will try to update this article in the future! Wish you alle the best on your way to your online income!

Online income

Disclaimer: ClickBank University does not own or operate this website and is not responsible for its contents. It is owned by me, an independent marketing affiliate and blog owner.