The Madness Chronicles – Episode 19

In this, our 19th episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll take a look at Islam’s reaction to the Coronavirus Crisis. Remember, madness is a state of being mentally ill, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. Let’s take a look at Islam’s response, which is interestingly accepted by authorities everywhere.

On March 23, Iranian TV announced that the coronavirus was an ethnic weapon developed by the United States to attack Iranians and Chinese people. On the same date in Lahore, Pakistan, Hafiz Aakif Saeed, a Muslim leader, said that the coronavirus was the wrath of Allah on non-Muslims for their persecution of Muslims. Which is it?

On March 25 in Syracuse, New York, Imam Khadar Bin Muhammad, had discovered the key to the coronavirus. He said, “thousands of people are being infected, many are dying, and America is teetering on the edge of an economic collapse because American women are showing too much ankle.” Get some high top socks, Ladies!

On Friday, March 20, 2020, Gazan Imam Jamil Al-Mutawa said in a sermon at the White Mosque in Gaza that COVID-19 is a “soldier” of Allah. He claimed the virus severely affected the United States, Israel, Iran, Italy, and China, while leaving the Palestinians and Gazans unaffected. He said: “Look how anyone who schemes against the Al-Aqsa Mosque is being shattered to smithereens… This is the greatness of Allah!” The sermon was aired on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas – Gaza).

The Islamic leader in the Plateau State, Nigeria, announced that the coronavirus was nothing more than a Western hoax to keep Muslims from practicing their religion. To what lengths will we go? Moving back to Iran, the government released 85,000 prisoners so they wouldn’t get coronavirus, but they kept all Christians locked up. Very gracious of them. Meanwhile, the Islamic State has announced to fellow Muslims that joining them will make them immune from the virus. That sounds along the lines of what Preacher Jim Bakker might be telling his followers about now?

Moving down to Ghana, Sheikh Dr. Osamanu Sharubutu announced two days of fasting and prayer calling on his Muslim followers to repent of homosexuality, and they would be protected from the coronavirus. Who knew there were so many antidotes to the virus? In India, software engineer Mujeeb Mohammad called on his fellow Muslims to go out in public and sneeze on non-believers to spread the virus far and wide. He referenced the Quran 48:29 when he said, “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are ruthless to unbelievers, merciful to one another.”

Back in Pakistan, the Mosques were crowded, spilling into the streets. One Imam said, “We believe in Allah, not the coronavirus.” In Iraq, Iranian backed Jihadi’s claimed that the coronavirus was nothing more than a US plot to undermine their own facilities in the country. It wasn’t exactly clear how that would help the US? Hizballah joined in calling for a ‘health Jihad’ against the coronavirus.

In Toronto, Canada, despite the Provincial Governors order, mosques remained opened because, in the words of one Imam, “The coronavirus is for infidels.” In Italy, an 80-year-old man in a grocery store asked a Muslim standing next to him if he might keep his distance as the government advised. The Muslim man obliged after beating the elderly man.

And lastly, in New York, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced he would be providing mosques in the city with 400,000 free meals for Ramadan. This, of course, as he was at the same time threatening to lock up any Christian or Jewish organizations holding services. And just for the record, when Mayor DeBlasio’s meals were delivered this week… the Muslims complained loudly about the quality of the food. You can’t make this stuff up.

May we wake from this madness before it’s too late. I wish you good health and until next time… have fun, enjoy life, and watch out for the madness amongst us.

Source by Ed Kugler